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There are a lot of challenges in the world right now.  But I think the mistake people make is thinking that change is going to happen from the top down — when actually it is the opposite.


This is why it is so important for people not only to connect to their Inner Self, but bring it out into the world —  to live from the INNERSIDE-OUT where our true power to transform our lives and the world resides. My personal mission?  To help people connect to this inner power circuit so that they can light up their own lives and the world.



For the last 25 years, I have worked primarily helping people with chronic pain and stress.  You don’t have to be in the field too long to understand that mind affects the body and body affects the mind.  A lot of the suffering we have mentally, emotionally and physically is simply from old programming and stories that we tell ourselves — along with a lack of connection to our True, Authentic, Being.  I say simple because it IS straightforward – but that doesn’t mean it is easy.


So Impower was created to help people master their OWN ability to heal, by giving them the tools to not only relieve physical pain, but the suffering that comes from constant overwhelm and being out of alignment with ourselves.  I also wanted to do this on a bigger scale than I could one person at time.  Having an online platform allows me to do that.


 Finally, as a wholistic practitioner, I tend to look for the ROOT causes of things (rather than just the symptoms) – including our social issues.  Impowerment is a MOVEMENT designed to be a prescription for the rampant illness of narcissism (a form of forgetting who we really are) and the suffering it causes us and our society.


Fair question.  For those of you who are lovers of resumes – here is the short version.  I started out as a Licensed Massage Therapist and taught at a regional massage school for almost 5 years.  There, I got interested in Counseling Psychology because of watching the personal (inner) transformation my students and clients were going through when receiving bodywork. Finally, I proceeded to get a second Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – because it has one of the oldest traditions of mind-body integration in the world.  


I’ve also studied Qigong and Yoga, had a long term spiritual and meditation practice, and am a Reiki Master.


  My undergraduate degree was an interdisciplinary degree in Humanities with a stress in foreign language in culture.  Which means I can make myself understood in basic French and Spanish and know an embarrassingly few words in Japanese, Chinese, and American Sign Language.  I also studied a couple years of Art at the college level.


Most importantly, my knowledge comes from the experience I got through the school of hard knocks and coming out the other side of the dark night of the soul – what is sometimes referred to as your “Life PhD.”


So what are my qualifications?  Life experience informed by knowledge, science, and long-term spiritual practice.


How  can we join inner and outer worlds to create an extraordinary life?

This is the juicy question that gets me excited about waking up in the morning, and the search for its answer comes from my own early struggle of being a highly sensitive person in a world that has often seemed overwhelming.

Although most people know me as Natural Pain & Stress Relief Specialist, my search for personal healing actually began in my elementary schools days – when I was a nerdy, meditating, dream analyzing, personal growth junkie and tree-hugger in the 80’s.  (Ok, I still am.) 😉

The thing is, that being a person who thinks for themselves and questions the norms isn’t always a popular person – and I was no exception.  Perhaps like me, you were made to walk the road less traveled – but struggle between having your head in the clouds and managing the “real world.”  Whether you are navigating a personal life change or trying to bring your vision into manifestation, I’m excited to support you in your journey of living the extraordinary life YOU were meant to live. 


— Tabitha


Reclaim Your Inner Power to Heal & Connect with your True Self.




Sustainably Make an Impact Doing What You Love


“When I started seeing Tabitha so much in my life has changed.  Not only am I healing…but I have learned to listen to my body in the process which is huge for not only healing but living a healthy life…I highly recommend her.” –CB (former massage and acupuncture patient)

“My intention at the beginning of class was to help fortify myself emotionally and feel more resilient.  As you know, I’ve had sensitivity — taking on other’s emotions, issues…

I definitely feel that the class helped  give me the tools to do that and went like 5 more layers deeper…Thank-you so much for teaching this class.  It was really amazing.” –RW (former student)

“Very happy with the class and would certainly be interested in additional classes in the future.”

— Anonymous feedback (former student)

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