Introducing AcuMassage NW — My New Practice

A Long Road to Home

So it has been a long road since I closed my Portland metro area practice to now. Moving to a new community has been wonderful for myself and the family in so many ways, but with the pandemic going on and available spaces at a minimum, it clearly wasn’t time to restart a practice.

Until now.

With my eldest in college; my youngest happily back in school; and a full year of sabbatical to research, recharge, and reignite my passion; I’m ready to try implementing a small private practice out of my home.

Right now this is a soft launch. Please do not share with your friends…yet.

However, YOU are invited! As close friends, family, colleagues and former clients, you are part of a very short list of individuals who have indicated interest in coming to McMinnville and getting healing work if I ever opened again.

So we are going ahead and testing it out.

If all goes well and enough people are interested, we’ll remodel and have a private entrance so it is completely separate from the house. But for a short while, our front door is open during this experimental time.

What do you think? Are you interested? Please let me know in the comments below or if you want more privacy, email me HERE.

The Details

Sessions initially are going to be on Fridays. My thought is that McMinnville might be a nice stop on the way to or from the coast and give people more of a chance to make a day of it — but this is also subject to how people respond.

It will be a stripped down operation where you contact me directly for an appointment. The best way is to email me at or text me at (503) 515-9626.

I’ll add more amenities as people show interest.

My experimental period will be from 2/11/2022 to the end of March, then we’ll make a decision — so if you are thinking of coming out, it is better to come sooner rather than later.

For this group only, I will operate on the same rates that I gave during the pandemic — without having to do packages, prepayments or long-term commitments:

$125 for 75 minutes

$150 for 90 minutes

Also, if you have someone that you think might be a good match for work, you can contact me directly to discuss it. I actually LOST my entire contact list due to a domino-effect of errors (including a hard-drive failure) so some people that probably should have been on this list aren’t. [I’m working on getting this resolved though.]

Final Thoughts

I’ll be keeping this private blog going just for people who are coming to my home or are interested, so that you know how things are progressing — plus other projects such as my online business which are still in the works.

Thanks again for your support, your interest, and kindness. I hope to see you soon!


P.S.  Be sure to ask any questions are make any comments below so that I know someone actually saw this! 🙂

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  1. Great to hear – welcome back!

  2. Tabitha,finally got it, now how do I get my appointment?

  3. Hi Tabitha,
    I am so happy to hear from you and to learn what has been happening with you and your family. I would love to see you and have your terrific massage/accupunctue.

  4. Tabitha, I am so glad to hear from you. I would love to see you and enjoy your wonderful services.

  5. How do I make an appointment?

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