Why do some people handle stress without blinking & you feel so overwhelmed?

Everyone gets stressed or overwhelmed at times.  However, if stress and overwhelm are consistently affecting your health or wellbeing, it might be time to dig deeper to the root cause.

Below you’ll see: 1) some of the most common reasons for increased sensitivity, 2) how sensitivity affects health, and 3) some helpful resources at the very end.

What is your kind of sensitivity?


Has anyone ever called you, "too sensitive?"  You may have this normal genetic trait shared by 15-20% of the population.  Find out more about its gifts and challenges for wellbeing below.

TRAUMA (Diagnosed & Undiagnosed)

 Most people think of trauma in terms of PTSD from soldiers coming back from war or various kinds of abuse, but many other kinds of trauma often go undiagnosed. 

Think of trauma as any experience where you feel like "I'm going to die" and you can't do anything about it.  It is a state where the stressor is so great that it overwhelms you body's ability to process it. Some common forms of unrecognized trauma are: medical trauma, motor vehicle or other accident, losing a loved one (especially unexpectedly,) witnessing a violent crime, being bullied, having a pet die.

Our ability to adapt to stress depends on how much stress we are currently under, our natural genetic tendencies, and the duration of the stress.  So someone can experience horrific war-time experiences and be relatively fine, whereas someone else can experience a seemingly "minor" upset and completely overwhelmed.

There is a significant heavily researched connection between health and how many adverse childhood experiences we had when young.  But our history does not have to be our present if we have the proper tools and support.  This is what Impower Healing is all about.


Many developmental psychologists believe that personality emerges early in life in response to an initial core wound.  It is a way of creating meaning and protecting ourselves before we developed higher cognitive functions. This initial world view is like wearing a set of tinted glasses.  It colors our life experiences and makes us sensitive to certain topics that trigger our core wounds.  Although we have the same personality throughout life, we can upgrade our internal programming so we are not as triggered and can experience more of the gifts of our personality. Dr. Tabitha uses the Enneagram typology system and Chinese Five Elements to explore the core wounds and issues that reflect themselves in our health & wellbeing.


It's an ironic thing that when we need support the most, we often give ourselves less not more. Long term stress can burn out our physical, emotional and mental reserves.  At its core, burnout is a phenomenon that occurs when the balance between input (capacity for self-care and nourishment) and output (putting energy into others or the world) gets out of whack. This can happen to caregivers, people in high stress work environments, and people undergoing significant life transitions.  Acu-massage & coaching can be wonderful ways to create space for your most important resource - you!

Sensitivity & Health

Sensitive people experience everything more deeply – including stress.

Most us us know that stress can affect our physical and mental health.  However, if you have underlying sensitivity — regardless of the origin — it can make you even more vulnerable to the effects of stress.

Let’s say, for example, that you had a difficult childhood or experienced traumatic events early in your life – or even had undiagnosed trauma as an adult. That can translate into how your brain, nervous system and emotions work as you get older. If you are genetically more sensitive, those experiences are even more likely to affect you deeper than the average person. 

(Just to be clear, you do not have to have the genetic sensitivity trait, to be experiencing stress sensitiv



How Can Sensitivity Affect 

Your Health?

(Learn more below.)


Blue Butterfly

Tabitha’s online education and coaching community has great resources for self-healing, sensitivity & managing overwhelm.


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Some common conditions affected by stress & sensitivity are:

How does sensitivity affect health & wellness treatment?

Sensitivity often responds best to a sensitive approach.

Many people who are sensitive do not respond optimally to conventional treatment. In particular, medications can hit them harder, make the symptoms worse, or give them side-effects.  This does not mean that they should not receive conventional treatment, but it does mean that a natural approach in conjunction with their regular treatment can help them feel more in harmony with their body and better overall.

In general, the best kind of treatment is going to give immediate relief of the symptom, but will also treat the ROOT of the problem or imbalance for more long-lasting and effective results.

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