How Can A Mind-Body Approach Change Your Life?

Imagine a person  person named, “Jane.” For years now, she has had jaw and neck pain that is so bad at times that it can lead to “migraines” that cause her to miss time at work and to be unable to properly care for her kids.  This is very distressing to her especially since the doctor’s only solution is to give her pain meds that never completely make her functional and make her feel groggy and unfocused – not to mention making her constipated. Her dentist ruled out TMJ but says that she grinds her teeth so she now wears a night-guard at night.  This protects her teeth but hasn’t really helped with her pain. When asked if she is stressed, she brushes it off, “Isn’t everyone?”  

Of course, there is her boss at work who is driving her crazy.  But she doesn’t dare speak up because of possible repercussions and she needs this job to provide for her kids especially since the divorce…surely this can’t be due to stress alone, right? After all, she has been seeing a counselor for years and she understands perfectly what is going on, so why aren’t things changing in her body?

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Getting To The Source Of The Problem

Sometimes pain and illness is genetic or mechanical – however learned behavior that starts when we are very young can also play a role in creating vulnerable physical areas that flare up under stress. 

Have you ever noticed that when you get angry that your jaw tightens?

Maybe you wanted to say something, but you held it back with clenched fists as your neck and shoulders & jaw tightened up – because anger wasn’t an acceptable emotion in your family.  You may have learned that repressing certain emotions kept you safe.

And perhaps you did this a lot until it became a habit that permanently imprinted on your body.

Even now, long after you have consciously forgotten the pain of that moment and you are ready to let go, it still lingered as a pattern in your body via tightened muscles, fascia, and even altered neurology.  This in turn can lead to chronic pain, feeling disconnected from emotions, dissociation from the body – or getting triggered seemingly out of nowhere. 

Whether you are ready to let go of anger, sadness, trauma, negative self-image — or even just plain physical patterns, sometimes the body doesn’t remember how to go back to normal. And this is where mind-body medicine can help.

In fact, anything that you have not dealt with, can be stored unconsciously in the body until you are finally ready to let go.

This is the basis of what we call MIND-BODY MEDICINE. 

How Can You Help With So Many Things?

Because it is not just in your head.  It is in your body.
East Asian Medicine has recognized the connection between mind and body for thousands of years. Addressing both mind and body via acupuncture and bodywork can create immediate changes for people who may have been struggling with particular issues for years. 

In fact, symptoms that are often dismissed as “all in your head” in Western medicine are often recognizable as a part of any number of patterns in East Asian Medicine — each of which can be effectively treated in a natural way without the side-effects of medication.  Dr. Tabitha also combines integral medicine with this mind-body approach — which looks at whatever is working you in terms of health concerns in the context of your life.  In this way, it creates a truly transformative experience that supports not only your health, but your happiness in life!  

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