When You Arrive – Quick Tips

When You Arrive – Quick Tips

A 1 min 38 second orientation of where to park, how to open the gate (if closed) and what to do when you reach your destination.

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/1K5LcE6DNLA

What to do when you arrive (written version)

  1. Please park on the street next to the fence in front of the house — NOT the driveway (unless you are disabled and can’t walk that far). This is to keep the driveway unblocked in case someone needs to get out.
  2. Text me to let me know you are there and I will come and get you at the time of your appointment. (If you forget your phone don’t worry. I will still come and get you.)
  3. Please stay in your car until the time of your appointment as I will likely still be in with the last person or preparing for you appointment.
  4. If for some reason the gate is closed (see the featured photo), grab the knob and pull UP to unlock it and then swing the gate open towards you to enter. This will likely never be an issue but just in case…

And that is it! You will get the full address in your appointment confirmation a couple days before your appointment.

See you soon!


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